• Each knife is packaged with spare parts, such as; screws  and washers in case they are needed.
  • If there are defects or performance issues found  in the our knife product Reate will send the customer a new replacement.  All shipping fees are borne by the customer, and the repair to be addressed by our either our warranty center in Southern California, USA; or direct from our Factory in China.
  • If the knife is damaged due to misuse, Reate will evaluate and repair if necessary.  All shipping fees are borne. Repairs can  include; small screw replacements, any “refinishing or repairs directly related to the blade or handle will have to be addressed at our factory in China.  Repairs will be addressed in a timely fashion, depending on the level of the repair..
  • Any modifications or customization made to the knife made by the customer are not covered under Reate’s Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Warranty Services for Asia, Europe, Latin America, and Australia
Email: warranty@reateknives.com

Warranty Services for the United States
Please email: warranty@reateknivesusa.com